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  • Construction polymer band
Grip size 4 3/8
Ball weights 9 ounces
  • Adult size 9 oz
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Product Description

Master the serve with ServeMaster

Transform your serve to Achieve Maximum Serve Speed, Spin, Accuracy and Control.

 Janko Tipsarevic World No. 9 ranked ATP Player, Trains with ServeMaster


“Acing your opponent is the quickest &  most intimidating way to win a point on the pro tour, training with ServeMaster, helps me maintain my dominant serve as my biggest weapon in the game”  Janko Tipsarevic

 The “ServeMaster” is the revolutionary patented serve development device that will enable you to get a world class serve. It is the only Immersive Training device that allows your body being the most natural controller to discover & transform your biomechanical movement for the optimum serve construction and delivery.

 The ServeMaster gives every player a true understanding, and a real feel of the sequence of movements in the kinetic chain for the serve and allows players to experience in real time what the entire motion feels like AKA Immersive learning. The secret to the serve is to link the movement segments together so that they work together as a chain or linkage system. This functional movement in the tennis serve is the key to power, spin and control through rhythmic movement and timing.

 Whether you are beginner, starting to learn to serve, an advanced player looking to get more power, spin & control in your serve or an up and coming pro looking to take your serve speed to 125+ MPH ServeMaster is for you.



How it Works - Physics and Biomechanics

If you have ever tried Hula hoops; you move your body to sling the toy around you to exert an outward parallel force necessary to maintain this centripetal force which keeps an object spinning around an axis (you).sm-design.jpg

 Of course, you don't need to understand any of the physics or be conscious of the details of your hip movemnets, to actually swing a Hula Hoop. Hooping comes naturally to most of us, because your bodies get the hang of the new activity fairly qucikly. Shaking the hoop isn't a mental exercise but an exercise of "muscle memory":  We get good at it with a small amount of practice. We refer to this active learning as an  " immersive learning process".

From a biomechanical standpoint,however, hooping or serving is a rather complex task. You won't find any hula-hooping or serving robots out there (yet) and the reason for that is although adaptation comes easy for us humans, it is fairly complicated to model using physics and machines.

By the same token, serving involves the coordinated use of multiple body parts and functions. The secret to an excellent serve is to connect segments of each body movement together so that they work in conjunction, or as a chain. This composite movement of the body, combined with accurate and proper timing, is the key to power, spin and control.

Physically speaking The ServeMaster utilizes the similar forces to an actual serve; it mimics the dynamics of an actual tennis serve motion, performed correctly.  The ServeMaster's handle is connected to a polymer band which in turn is connected to the tri-ball weight (9 Oz.) at the end.

When the user lifts up on the handle, the elastic band pulls up on the weight, approximating the lifting of a tennis racquet against gravity. Through the entire serve motion, the weight undergoes centripetal acceleration due to the presence of the polymer band, which pulls the weight inward toward the user's hand. The air resistance felt by the tri-ball weight at its peak height roughly matches the force a tennis player will feel upon impact of a tennis ball with a racquet. The centripetal acceleration combined with the force of gravity pulls the weight back down to complete the perfect serve.

A Self-Diagnostic System


In hooping if you do not exert a large enough force, the hula will stops spinning. The same is true for ServeMaster as long as there is enough tension in the band due to the upward force against gravity, there will be centripetal acceleration, keeping the serve motion in play. Failing to exert enough force will cause the tri-balls to fall or brush against your body and exerting too much force will cause the ball motion to rusch ahead of the palayers hand, which will feel awkward. Either situation will signal to you that yo uneed to adjust the timing and /or motion to produce a correct serving motion. 

The ServeMaster  forces your body to both  discover and refine the proper kinetic chain motion to bring a perfect serve  to life.

Tired of Double Faulting?

Double faulting is absolutely the worst way to lose a point in tennis.

In theory it is still only worth one point, like missing a routine forehand from the middle of the court, but it carries far more emotional baggage with it and greatly effects the flavor of the points immediately following it.

A server has to lose at least four points to have their serve broken, but if one of them is a double fault, the alarm bells will always ring the loudest for a potential break of serve.

The earlier in the game that the double fault occurs, such as the opening point, the more damage it does because there are more points following in the service game for it to effect.

8 in 10 players, admit their serve to be their weakest shot! They also agree it is the toughest thing to master and perfect. The inconsistent & improper “Serve Motion” is the biggest impediment for tennis players to improve their serves. It is the inability to feel how the racquet is supposed to travel during the service motion, that unravel most tennis players.

ServeMaster solves Most Common Serve Problems

 The Grip

Many players struggle with their serve by using the western/eastern forehand grip, ServeMaster is designed  with special marking on handle (for both right & left handed) to allow you to comfortably transition to the proper continental grip.

Serve Motion

Also known as the windup is the hardest part of the serve to master, and it is also the reason for the breakdown of the other components of the serve. Most player, have problem with one or a mix of the following motions:

  • Hitch
  • High elbow
  • Tentative serve motion
  • Hitting out
  • Lift off
  • Timing

Using ServeMaster will help you overcome these common problems, As long as there is enough tension (eliminate the hitch, hight elbow or tennative serve motion)  in the band due to the user's upward force ( hitting out, lift) against gravity, there will be centripetal acceleration keeping the serve motion in play,

The Toss

Erratic ball tosses are one of the most prevalent issues for all tennis players, and it often goes unnoticed. Stroke technique is a major aspect of serving, but the mechanics break down quickly without a proper ball toss. Using ServeMaster closes the "Coordination Gap" keeps you in rythym.



Product Videos

ServeMaster - Transform your serve to Achieve Maximum Serve Speed, Spin, Accuracy and Control (04:03)
The "ServeMaster" is the revolutionary patented serve development device that will enable you to get a world class serve. It is the only Immersive Training device that allows your body being the most natural controller to discover & transform your bio-mechanical movement for the optimum serve construction and delivery. For more info. visit www.TennisFlex.net
  • ServeMaster - ...
    The "ServeMaster" is the revolutionary patented serve developm...

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Product Reviews

  1. Best timing tool 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Dec 2015

    It won't fix bad technique but it's the best tool to synchronize your toss to your swing and avoid that dreaded hitch in the trophy pose. You need to be good enough to know what you are supposed to be doing at each step of the serve. After that, with a coach, you can use this to put it all together. Once that happens, the timing will be improved and your power and precision will dramatically benefit. Use it often to warm up. With small adjustments, you can use this tool to improve any serve type, from flat, slice to topspin. Best serve training tool there is!

  2. Simple and Super 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Sep 2014

    Looks simple but creates super results. Although I just received the Servermaster my service improved already. Speed, kick and consistency.
    I recommend to look at the youtube instruction videos before you start practicing. Have fun.

  3. Get the FEEL for your serve 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th May 2014

    A perfect training aid to develop the feeling for a relaxed and a flawless serve mostly off court but is also recommended to be a steady item in your tennisbag.

  4. Definately adds more speed the first serve 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Feb 2013

    Servemaster has helped greatly wiith the concistency of both serves. I developed a good kick serve which I never had. My first serve was gradually picking up speed each week I used it. I can get it up to 110mph when weeks ago I would be lucky to get it to 90

  5. Works great if you use it 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Feb 2013

    I've been using it for 5 weeks now and my serve has easily gotten 10-15 mph on my first serve. But my biggest improvement that this provided me was a good second serve. It helped greatly develop a decent kick 2nd serve.

  6. Fantastic 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Jan 2013

    I have been using the Servemaster for a few weeks, I can say that my serves have improved by 200%, I am more consistent , in placement and pace...I am winning more matches because my confidence has improved as result, best investment I have made for my game.

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